Syncing before shipping allows you to resolve merge conflicts and any associated problems on the feature branch instead of the main branch. This helps keep the main branch green. The downside of syncing before shipping is that it will trigger another CI run and might block shipping until CI is green again. Syncing before shipping therefore makes the most sense when shipping locally on your machine.

The best way to change this setting is via the setup assistant.


When set to true, git ship syncs the branch to ship before shipping. When set to false (the default value), git ship does not sync the branch before shipping.

in config file

To configure sync-before-ship in the configuration file:

sync-before-ship = false

in Git metadata

To manually configure sync-before-ship in Git, run this command:

git config [--global] git-town.sync-before-ship <true|false>

The optional --global flag applies this setting to all Git repositories on your local machine. When not present, the setting applies to the current repo.