Perennial branches are long-lived branches. They have no parent and are never shipped. Typical perennial branches are main, master, development, production, staging, etc.

You can see the configured perennial branches via the config command and change them via the setup assistant.

configure in config file

In the config file the perennial branches are defined as part of the [branches] section:

perennials = [ "branch", "other-branch" ]

configure in Git metadata

You can configure the perennial branches manually by running:

git config [--global] git-town.perennial-branches "branch other-branch"

The optional --global flag applies this setting to all Git repositories on your local machine. When not present, the setting applies to the current repo.

bulk-define perennial branches

If you have many perennial branches that follow the same naming schema, like release-v4.0-rev.1, release-v4.0-rev.2, etc, you can define a regular expression for them instead of listing them one by one.