To talk to the API of your code hosting platform, Git Town needs to know which platform (GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc) you use.

By default, Git Town determines the code hosting platform by looking at the URL of the origin remote. If that's not successful, for example when using private instances of code hosting platforms, you can tell Git Town through this configuration setting which code hosting platform you use.

The best way to change this setting is via the setup assistant.


You can use one of these values for the hosting platform setting:

  • remove the entry or leave it empty for auto-detection
  • github
  • gitlab
  • gitea
  • bitbucket

config file

In the config file the hosting platform is part of the [hosting] section:

platform = "<value>"

Git metadata

To configure the hosting platform in Git, run this command:

git config [--global] <value>

The optional --global flag applies this setting to all Git repositories on your machine. Without it, this setting applies to the current Git repo.