The sync-upstream setting configures whether to pull in updates from the upstream remote. This is intended for codebases that are forks of other codebases and want to stay in sync with the codebase they are forked from.


When set to true (the default value), git sync also updates the local main-branch with changes from its counterpart in the upstream remote. When set to false, git sync does not pull in updates from upstream even if that remote exists.

The best way to change this setting is via the setup assistant.

in config file

In the config file the sync-upstream setting can be set like this:

sync-upstream = true

in Git metadata

To manually configure sync-upstream in Git, run this command:

git config [--global] git-town.sync-upstream <true|false>

The optional --global flag applies this setting to all Git repositories on your local machine. When not present, the setting applies to the current repo.