Run git town for an overview of all Git Town commands and git town help <command> for help with individual commands. You can call each Git Town command like git town <command>. This user manual displays the commands in the shorter form available after running git town aliases.

Basic workflow

Commands to create, work on, and ship features.

Additional workflow commands

Commands to deal with edge cases.

Nested feature branches

Commands to develop, review, and ship parts of a larger feature simultaneously in multiple branches.

Dealing with errors

Commands to deal with merge conflicts.

  • git continue - continue after you resolved the merge conflict
  • git abort - abort and undo the currently failing command
  • git skip - when syncing all branches, ignore the current branch and continue with the next one
  • git town status - display available commands
  • git undo - undo the last completed Git Town command

Git Town installation

Commands that help install Git Town on your computer.

Git Town configuration

Commands that help adapt Git Town's behavior to your preferences.