Run git town for an overview of all Git Town commands and git town help <command> for help with individual commands. You can call each Git Town command like git town <command>. This user manual displays the commands in the shorter form available after enabling aliases through the setup assistant.

Basic workflow

Commands to create, work on, and ship features.

  • git hack - create a new feature branch
  • git sync - update the current branch with all ongoing changes
  • git switch - switch between branches visually
  • git propose - propose to ship a branch
  • git ship - deliver a completed feature branch

Additional workflow commands

Commands to deal with edge cases.

Stacked changes

Commands to develop, review, and ship parts of a larger feature as multiple connected branches.

Dealing with errors

Commands to deal with merge conflicts.

  • git continue - continue after you resolved the merge conflict
  • git skip - when syncing all branches, ignore the current branch and continue with the next one
  • git town status - display available commands
  • git undo - undo the last completed Git Town command

Git Town installation

Commands that help install Git Town on your computer.

  • git town aliases - add or remove shorter aliases for Git Town commands
  • git town completion - generate completion scripts for Bash, zsh, fish & PowerShell.
  • git town version - display the installed version of Git Town

Git Town configuration

Commands that help adapt Git Town's behavior to your preferences.