Q & A

Does this force me into any conventions for my branches or commits?

No. Git Town doesn’t require or enforce conventions for naming or set up of branches and commits. It works with a wide variety of Git branching models and workflows. If it doesn't work with your workflow: contact us

Which Git branching models are supported by Git Town?

Git Town is so generic that it supports the most widely used branching models including GitHub Flow, Git Flow, GitLab Flow, trunk-based development. Git Town is even useful if you commit straight into the main branch!

How is this different from the git-flow tool?

git-flow is a Git extension that provides specific and opinionated support for the powerful Git branching model with the same name. It doesn’t care too much about how you keep your work in sync with the rest of the team. Git Town doesn’t care which branching model you use. It focusses on keeping your team synchronized and your code repository clean from old branches. You can use the two tools together.

Is Git Town compatible with my other Git tools?

Yes, we try to be good citizens in the Git ecosystem. If you run into any issues with your setup, please let us know!

Does my whole team have to use Git Town?

No. Git Town is already useful even if you are the only person using it. It simply executes the Git commands that you would (should) run.